30-Day Healing Challenge

Join a community of conscious men and women who are doing the work to heal, awaken, and embody their true power.

Are you up for the challenge of healing to experience the freedom you desire?! (Doors open Friday, July 29th)

A quick overview of what this 30-day healing challenge will encompass…

*** This is a NO-bullshit/practical approach to healing ***

Week 1: Getting to the root of your pain.
This will involve inner child healing, mother/father wounds, and healing the shadow templates you carry.
Week 2: Emotional wound healing.
You will learn the emotional code of the body and how it ties into the physical manifestation of tension, pain, and stress…you’ll also experience a powerful release of stuck energy.
Week 3: Activating the power of POLARITY.
You will learn how to energize your life, especially your sexual/intimate life, by embodying your natural core essence and amplifying polarity.
Week 4: Embodied Freedom.
You will learn how to consciously communicate your boundaries/desires and the keys to living a life that is energetically aligned (AKA feels fucking amazing and passionate)
Special bonuses will also be included for those who join this 30-day healing challenge.

*** Disclaimer ***

Jake is NOT liable for people becoming incredibly fulfilled by learning how to heal deep-rooted pain and DRASTICALLY enhance their sexual/intimate life.

Are you ready?!


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