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30-Day Healing Challenge

Join a powerful group of conscious men and women who are doing the work to heal, awaken and embody their true power. This is a brand new offering that will take your life from blocked to breathtaking.
The Challenge Begins August 25th!

***This is a no-bullshit, practical approach to healing that will drastically improve your intimacy, health, energy, and overall fulfillment in life.***

I am going to help you put an END to making your life a forever self-help project and stop repeating the same toxic patterns.

I will guide you through the shadows of your deepest, darkest pain, to release it once and for all.

Are you ready?

Stina Sjoejolm
"Having Jake as one of my guides on my spiritual (healing) journey is a true blessing. His clarity, humility, strength, and warm heart and soul really help me feel empowered and loved on my path. Thank you, Jake for all the support!"
Stina Sjoejolm

Let’s see if this program is the “right” fit for any of these questions resonate with you? And be honest, because if you’re not, I cannot help you 😎

📍Do you find yourself in a day-to-day grind of spinning your wheels and feeling stuck?

📍 Do you feel anxious more than you would like to?

📍 Do you struggle to go deeper into your intimate relationships because you’re afraid of vulnerability?

📍 Do you get easily triggered and as a result, you either shut down or flip out?

📍 Do you feel resentment or anger toward people that have hurt you in your past?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you are likely holding onto unresolved pain in your body that has gotten stuck in there because of old trauma.

And this pain needs to be cleared out in order for you to FULLY step into anything meaningful in your life…

So here’s the deal. I want to help you.

I have spent nearly a decade figuring out strategic and effective ways to help tens of thousands of people to have MASSIVE breakthroughs in their lives.

When you sign up for this program you are saying “YES” to committing yourself to your healing so you can feel levels of love and freedom that you never thought possible.

Below are the details of my brand new 30-day healing challenge.

Each week we will meet for a 90-minute group coaching call on Thursdays @ 1pm EST, this starts 8/25/22. You will get lifetime access to the recordings after each call if you cannot make it to the live calls due to a time conflict.
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  • Week 1: Getting DEEP into the root of your pain.

    ✔️ Integration with your inner child.
    ✔️ Heal wounds of abandonment, neglect, distrust, and unconscious fear.
    ✔️ Let go of the broken template you carry toward your mother/father.
    ✔️ Experience a powerful release and lightness within your body.
  • Week 2: Clearing out the toxins.

    ✔️ Learn the emotional code of the body.
    ✔️ Decalcify the energetic pathways that are blocked from toxins and trauma.
    ✔️ Unlock the stuck emotional energy that has manifested as physical pain, tension, and guardedness.
    ✔️ Learn how to activate confidence and trust within your body.
  • Week 3: Getting past your own shit.

    ✔️ The 4 C’s of healing (Secret recipe)
    ✔️ Rebuild the relationship with YOU.
    ✔️ Learn how to embody your truest and most authentic self.
    ✔️ Connect with deeper meaning and align with your purpose. (This will scare the shit out of you, in a good way 😎)
  • Week 4: Relationship Mastery

    ✔️ It's time to bring the new you into the world...full integration style.
    ✔️ The art of conscious communication.
    ✔️ Guilt-free boundaries.
    ✔️ Healthy relationships and juicy intimacy.
If what you see on this page aligns with you, take this step and make this commitment to yourself right now because you are worth it.

*** Disclaimer *** Jake is NOT liable for people becoming incredibly fulfilled by learning how to heal deep-rooted pain and DRASTICALLY enhance their sexual/intimate life.

Jeff Davis
"If you're even considering doing one of Jake’s workshops, don’t hold back! It was one of the best investments I ever made in myself."
Jeff Davis

You will walk away from this 30-day challenge with 4 Major UPGRADES.

Upgrade #1: An unshakable foundation for your intimate relationships because your nervous system will no longer be so damn easily triggered. (Intimacy UPGRADE)

Upgrade #2: A greater understanding of masculine/feminine energetics and the power of polarity. (Energetic + Spiritual UPGRADE)

Upgrade #3: Releasing yourself from old pain, fear, control, and lack of trust because you let that shit go. (Physical, Mental, + Emotional UPGRADE)

Upgrade #4: A new community of badass people to connect and nourish long-term relationships with. (Relationships + Community UPGRADE)


What you get when you signup today:

Regual Price - $497!
✔️ Live Q&A with Jake to ask your questions.
✔️ Weekly challenges and homework.
✔️ Group support and accountability.
✔️ Bonus #1: Private healing community group for support and creating conscious relationships. (For the duration of the 30-day program)
✔️ Bonus #2: Lifetime access to ALL of the live recordings.
✔️ Bonus #3: A special surprise guest for one of the live calls!
✔️ Bonus #4: 90 minute live coaching calls with Jake and Q&A!

About Your Teacher - Jake Woodard

Jake is a Healer & Polarity Teacher committed to guiding others to a life that embodies passion, freedom, and love. He takes a no-bullshit approach to his work because he believes that authenticity is one of the virtues of healing and intimacy.

After years of struggling with depression, anger, and sadness, Jake decided he no longer wanted to be the victim of his life and went on a journey of transformation.

Through his self-healing and awakening, he developed a unique style of embodiment and polarity work that he shares with his students to create massive breakthroughs in their lives.
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Commonly Asked Questions 👇

What are the times of the 4 calls?

Each week we meet on Thursday at 1 pm-2:30 pm est. Please click here to convert your time zone.

Below are the dates of the calls:

August 25th
Sept 1st
Sept 8th
Sept 15th

If I can't make the live calls, do we get the recordings?

Yes. Everyone who registers for the 30-day challenge will get lifetime access to the recordings so you can go back and rewatch them at your own convenience.

Do I need to be on camera for the calls?

No. The live calls are done via zoom webinar and do not require you to be on camera.

Will this help me to enhance my intimate life?

Yes. By healing your inner pain, you can step fully into an intimate relationship because you no longer carry the fear and shame that blocks you.

Will I heal the deep-rooted pain that keeps me stuck?

Yes. If you allow yourself to go all in and embrace these 30 days, you will absolutely have huge breakthroughs.

Will I meet other conscious people who are on a path of awakening?

Yes. Just imagine hundreds of people who are just like you doing this type of work!

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds, credits, or transfers offered for this program. This is because once you sign up, you get immediate access to the zoom link where we will be hosting the live calls, plus access to the recordings. Please read our policy here for further clarification.

Where is the private group held and how long is it open for?

This is a private Facebook group and is only open for 30 days throughout the program.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Shoot our support team an email by filling out the form here. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days :)
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