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Stephanie Skeffington

(Youtube Influencer, Life Coach)

Jake is an absolutely beautiful soul! The loving push that he has given me to get out of my comfort zone has allowed me to have amazing success in both my personal life and professional life. 


The amount of knowledge and wisdom he has is incredible! He challenges me to challenge myself… This has allowed me to grow on more levels than I thought I was capable of.

Amy Diamond

(Owner, Amy Diamond Realty)

"Jake's Story is inspirational. He has helped me awaken my inner badass and I have learned my strengths and weaknesses through working with him. He is my first life coach but I have journeyed through a lot of counselors and never received the same results."

Kelli Graham

(Owner,Tranquil Healing, Mind, Body and Wellness)

"I am truly grateful for everything Jake has taught me and guided me into the right direction. He can definitely help anyone go through pretty much anything. Jake is the person to talk to because he has gotten me through some tough situations that I didn't think I could."

David Carmona

(Medical Sales Rep)

"I thank God and I thank Jake for everything. He's really helped me to break down some of those blocks that I've had. He has helped me to overcome fears and other obstacles. Its been an incredible journey together."

Dan Lanjewar

(Accounts Executive)

"Internally I've been dealing with some struggles and a lot of mental blockages to get to where it is that actually drives me and be passionate about what I do. Normally it takes months, even years for me to open but within 15 minutes of talking to Jake he literally got it all out of me. I was meant to find Jake. I feel a great sense of relief"

Ryan Scribner

(Social Media Influencer, Entrepreneur, Investor)

"Having worked with Jake Woodard as a life coach and mentor. Jake has helped me immensely in my own life as well as my business as far as having the confidence to go off and pursue my dream. Leaving behind a job to become an entrepreneur full time. I can honestly say none of this would of happened if I never worked with Jake."

Jeremy Santa Cruz

(Business Owner)

 I knew I had a temper by nature. I began to ask why am I so short to snap? To the point I would be screaming and abusive. After making my wife cry, I decided to approach Jake. He saw a problem and he asked me to stay on with him for further evaluation. I agreed and at that memorable first evaluation Jake had seen my pain and touched it. He shined a light on to it and said showed me where my root problems were. After working with him, I am settled in my heart now. My wife says I've changed largely for the better. I now don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I eat very clean and am conscious of what I eat. Jake covers nutrition as well. In result, my vibration is high and people see it and acknowledge it. They respond very well to my happy nature and some are shocked to see such change. I am awakened, I am now a modern day man. Thanks to my keeper Jake Woodard. My brother.

Jennifer Barnes

(School Teacher)

My experience working with Jake Woodard has been an amazing experience of growth. I was in a dark hole of numbness. I was going through a divorce, taking care of my 3 kiddos, working, and doing everything and at the same time nothing. Nothing for me. I was unable to feel. I was going through the motion and doing what I had to in order to provide for my littles. Working with Jake help me face my truth, he helped me dig within to find who I am, and his authentic, genuine rawness of love and compassion has helped make the process so natural and easy. And now, I can honestly say I love myself, and each day I grow more and more into the person I always wanted to be.

Kelli Graham

(Owner,Tranquil Healing, Mind, Body and Wellness)

"I am truly grateful for everything Jake has taught me and guided me into the right direction. He can definitely help anyone go through pretty much anything. Jake is the person to talk to because he has gotten me through some tough situations that I didn't think I could."

Adina Cotuna 

(Aerospace Engineer)

"I was desperately looking to feel what I wanted to feel, to have always talked about inner peace and to just be happy. Working with Jake created a shift and now everyday feels like Christmas morning. And the best part is that I am not waiting for presents from anyone else because I am the best present I can give to myself! With all of my heart, thank you Jake!"

Cassidy Kennedy 

(Actor, Graphic Designer)

Jake was able to help unlock things with inside of me and allow me to feel a power that I had been searching for, knowing that it was in there somehow. Never thinking that another being could bring that out of me. Jake can definitely show you the way!"

Joy Dilworth

(Sculpture Artist, Graphic Designer)

"Jake was able to help me identify the root issues that were at the core of a lot of my suffering. Now that I've been able to identify them, its given me the opportunity to grow and to see a much better future. Jake says this to me a lot "never suffer alone" and I no longer feel alone."

Benjamin Suttin

(Mortgage Officer)

"Its been absolutely amazing to see the amount of progress that I've been able to make personally in such a small amount of time. Jake has helped me to really discover a lot about myself. He's helped me to breakthrough a lot of mental barriers and limiting beliefs."

Shawn Schultz

(Insurance Claim Adjuster)

"I met Jake and he brought that light back into me. He helped me to see the light within me. Maybe this will even reach the right person one day. The last two years have been insane. Thank you Jake."

Conor Sleven

(Military Professional)

"I was very lost before I met Jake. I was running from myself. Jake taught me vulnerability and how to be honest with myself. Working with Jake I have gained a lot more clarity of direction and I am now following my purpose to get where I want to be."

Evelyn Gonzalez

(Business Coach)

"When I first started working with Jake I remember feeling so emotionally drained with how my life was going and blocked from getting out of my own way. When I first saw one of Jakes videos I knew I had to work with him. He had this profound energy of realness that felt aligned with my true self. During my journey, he was able to help me identify what the problems were in complete transparency and focus on the actions necessary to experience the change I most desperately sought. I was able to awake in a very fast amount of time all of the fascinating amounts of potential I already had inside of me. Jake has been one of the few individuals who has been able to significantly impact my life in such a short time. Thank you, Jake, for guiding me closer to knowing what the concept of "freedom" really means as well as helping me experience the true essence of love."

Ashton Cantou

(Lifecoach, Speaker)

"Jake changed the trajectory of my life forever. In a short amount of time, Jake was able to help me to overcome something I had been working to do with my own coach for over three months. He helped reveal my blind spots and help me to get out of my own way. I am forever grateful for his guidance. I recommend him to anyone who is dealing with fear, doubt, worry or anything blocking your success."

Sahrita Wilson

(Holistic Life Coach)

"Jake has been an incredible Mentor to me. He has helped me to identify areas of my life that I have been suffering with internally. I have literally rebuilt relationships and most importantly the relationship with myself to become the full Sahrita that I am. I am raw, authentic me and I love myself and I can gladly say its because of the guidance that I've had from Jake."

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