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DEPTH - The Ultimate Dating Program

Learn how to master your dating life and step fully into your ideal relationship filled with passion, excitement, and DEPTH in 60 days or less. PLUS, you'll be immersed in a private dating community of like-minded men and women!

This is your chance to learn the art of conscious dating and attract your ideal partner.

Ashley Watermolen
When I found Jake and Melissa’s teachings, I felt like they put into words exactly what I was looking for in a man and a healthy relationship. In time, I went from feeling like I might never find a guy who I aligned with to meeting the most incredible man for me. I couldn't be happier or more thankful! I think everyone will find value in Jake and Melissa’s teachings!

-Ashley Watermolen

Let me tell you why…

In this step-by-step 8-week program,

We will help you step fully into your most powerful and embodied self. This will drastically enhance your sexual appeal!

You will forever heal deep wounds with the masculine & feminine that keep your dating life STUCK.

We will guide you to embody your natural core energy that ATTRACTS a conscious partner.

And on top of that, what’s better than a group of like-minded, strong masculine men and radiant feminine women in a private dating community?
For women, the story is a bit different, but they have similar struggles.

Most of them are unable to connect with their feminine essence, which makes them feel unfulfilled, rigid, and unhappy.

She isn't able to thrive because she is burned out from mental overwhelm and excess masculine energy.

Her past trauma makes her feel uncertain about the future, which leads to disconnecting from her feminine energy and overdeveloping her masculine essence so she can protect herself.

Women do not feel safe, and men don’t feel honored.

After working with thousands of men and women around the world for nearly a decade, We have found a recurring theme…people not fulfilled within their intimate lives and attracting the wrong type of partners.

This is why I needed to do something about this…

In this step-by-step 8-week program,

I am going to help you step fully into your most powerful and embodied self.

So you can forever heal deep wounds with the masculine & feminine that keep your dating life STUCK.

I am READY to guide you to embody your natural core energy that ATTRACT a conscious partner.

And on top of that, what’s better than a group of strong masculine men and powerful feminine women who are ready to become their best versions in a private community?
I would recommend Jake to anyone walking through life the same way I was, going with the flow, no real mission or direction, and having a lackluster love life.

I am married and 41 and I wish I had learned these things 20 years ago. So married guys…get involved in Jake’s work immediately! For the single guys, I have seen firsthand how attractive and sexy it is to women for a man to be healing and working on himself and how much better and happier a relationship is when the polarity is there, and a strong connection is made. Working with Jake helped me realize this, he helped me heal my masculine and feminine wounds.”

- Alex Moore

This is unlike any other program you see on the internet.

This is for the man who wants to claim a woman who is soft, sensual, playful, and receptive to his gifts.

To be a man that takes the lead with confidence.
To be
celebrated and adored by his woman.
To feel
deeply respected and honored.
To feel strong, clear +
To penetrate her so
deeply that her nervous system relaxes.

This is for the woman that YEARNS to feel chosen, protected, safe, and cherished by a strong masculine man.

To heal her previous traumas.
To deeply
surrender because she feels safe.
To let go of her masculine
To soften + fully
open to HIM.
feel his presence + integrity.
To be penetrated by his consciousness so deeply that all her
overwhelm dissolves.


Men and women being trapped in continuous breakups…
Constant heartbreaks…
People feel like they’re not good enough.
People losing their true essence and finding escapes.
Do any of these sound familiar?
✔️ You feel hopeless that you will NEVER find a person you are deeply connected with...
✔️ You feel tired of the games and the boring conversations that go NOWHERE...
✔️ You are TERRIBLE with setting healthy boundaries and saying “no.”
✔️ You continuously attract emotionally unavailable people that lack depth.
✔️ You are unclear about the relationship you want, so you take whatever comes your way.
✔️ You spend way too much time overthinking everything.

You say things like:
“I am not good enough anymore
“Why does he/she have the perfect life but not me?”
“All of the good people are taken!”
“I have tried everything, and there is no hope!”
“Everyone I meet just wants a casual hook-up!”
“Why is everyone I meet emotionally unavailable and noncommittal!?”
I get it…
I understand the pain and frustration that comes with all this happening around you.
This is why you’re now on the brink of giving up on your love life altogether.

But what if I could show you a BETTER way?
What if I could teach you core principles about intimacy that would BLOW the pants off your dating life? (these principles are not well known but will instantly give you a MASSIVE advantage in the dating world)
It’s time for you to step up and experience the intimacy you have always dreamed of…
Sounds too good to be true right? But that’s all possible.
Toria Smith
“With Melissa’s gentle guidance, I rediscovered the best parts of myself, stopped hiding my light, and started leading with my heart in all my relationships. She helped me fall in love with my life. I can’t recommend this course enough to women who want to completely transform themselves from the inside out!"

-Toria Smith

Let me SAVE you from countless boring dates and this horrid nightmare of bread-crumbing, love bombing, and ghosting. 👻

Just imagine what your life looks like 1 month, 6 months, 1 year from now?

If you start to
dedicate yourself to learning time tested strategies that help you become the greatest version of yourself.

Imagine if this is your life -

You start to experience an abundance of great people that you can choose from.

You get crystal clear about the type of relationship you want and how to attract that.

You stop with the people pleasing, and you begin to honor healthy boundaries.

You feel comfortable being your authentic self.

You heal the shame + anger you carry toward the masculine + feminine.

You feel worthy of a healthy relationship that meets ALL of your needs.

As a woman - You feel safe to express your needs and ask for what you want. You feel deliciously worthy of a conscious man. You become irresistible and magnetic to men.

As a man - You feel confident with taking the lead and asserting yourself in a healthy way. You feel immensely clear with how to pursue a woman and what REALLY turns her on. You create massive polarity between your masculine energy and a woman’s feminine essence.

"I had also lost my feminine energy and became so ridged and didn’t like the woman I had become and wanted the woman I was once back. Slowly I dedicated myself with Jake’s guidance, teachings, online courses, and live events. I began to heal, and flourish. My masculine shield and the walls I built started to come down. My personal relationships in love, family, business, and the most important one with myself have grown into healthy ones. I allowed myself to be strong yet soft without losing who I am while healing my wounds."

- Karen Larrea

The program BREAKDOWN


Yeah that sounds crazy but when you’re READY to go deep into your true essence you immediately become a highly attractive individual.

Here are some of the exclusive things you will learn inside of DEPTH-
✔️ Heal the deep sexual shame you have + master your sexual energy.

✔️ Heal your past relationship wounds and the inner pain you carry.

✔️ Become the most attractive version of yourself by learning how to activate polarity.

✔️ How to strategically and intuitively date so you're not wasting your time.

✔️ How to position yourself in the dating scene like a rare diamond.
✔️ How to date the masculine + feminine.

✔️ How to embody your core essence.

✔️ 7+ embodiment practices for polarity, healing, and nervous system work

✔️ Over 8 hours of live coaching,

✔️ 12 shadows of the masculine + feminine

✔️ 10 wounded archetypes of men + women

✔️ 5 different advanced polarity exercises,

And so much more 😎
"The first time I spoke with Jake, he helped me unlock a deep rooted fear of men and safety that was driving all my adult relationships and interactions. By unlocking that pain and releasing it, I have been able to navigate my relationships with myself and others in completely different ways.

I went from shut down to surrendered to peaceful knowing and trusting that all things are possible when you do the work and learn new tools. I'm truly grateful to Jake for opening up my world to entirely new experiences and people."

- Kelly Henderson

The investment.

51% OFF
One Time Payment
(REG $1497)
Pay in full bonus - Embodied Intimacy 4-week course ($297 value) and save $154

✔️ Forever heal deep wounds with the masculine & feminine that keep your dating life STUCK.

✔️ Learn how to attract a
conscious partner

✔️ EMBRACE a private community of strong masculine men and radiant feminine women

✔️ Over 8 hours of live coaching, 7+ embodiment practices for polarity, healing, and nervous system work, private dating group, access to the recordings, and live Q&As with Jake + Melissa
47% OFF
Payment Plan
3 x $377
(REG 3 x $547)
✔️ Forever heal deep wounds with the masculine & feminine that keep your dating life STUCK.

✔️ Learn how to attract a
conscious partner

✔️ EMBRACE a private community of strong masculine men and radiant feminine women

✔️ Over 8 hours of live coaching, 7+ embodiment practices for polarity, healing, and nervous system work, private dating group, access to the recordings, and live Q&As with Jake + Melissa

About your teachers

Jake & Melissa know the struggles of the dating world and endured many “toxic” relationships before they met each other.

They both attribute their inner for the core reason of why they were able to come together.

Throughout their time together, they have learned many valuable lessons and principles that they will share inside of this program, DEPTH.

They believe that everyone can experience a conscious relationship. It’s not that far out of your reach.
Sign up today and save $200 (sale ends soon)
“Through Jake’s guidance and shared wisdom, a formidable presence has been embodied. In light of an ever-expanding awareness of the masculine/feminine energies. A greater understanding of polarity in its natural flow and how it is not something to be feared, yet embraced. With open arms, through a deep-rooted knowing found within. Supported by grounding oneself in integrity.

This man truly is a blessing to humanity.

- Andrew Coulter

It’s you and your JOURNEY I really care about which is why if you somehow miss out on this HUGE offer then I don’t want to see you continue to:

❌ Going on boring dates

❌ Trapped in self-doubts

❌ Feeling like you deserve better
❌ No real intimacy or depth in your relationships

❌ Worst of all not knowing who you truly are and experiencing your dream relationship

Do you have a question? Please read our FAQ below 👇🙂

Will this course help me to attract a conscious partner?

YES. Jake and Melissa will give you a roadmap to learn the art of conscious dating and how to attract your dream partner. Get ready to EXPLODE your intimate life! 🚀

How is this different from Jake’s other courses such as Awakened Intimacy or Healing Your Masculine + Feminine Energies?

First. This course is taught LIVE and has a private community aspect. The other courses are self-paced.

Second. This program is focused directly on how to attract a conscious partner and learn the art of conscious dating. The other courses either focus on your healing OR when you are already in a relationship.

Third. This is a BRAND new offering. This always includes new material, stories, and exercises 🙂

Can I do this program if I am newly dating someone?

ABSOLUTELY. The focus of this program is for people who are single or newly dating. Because there are crucial things, you need to know in the early stages to build strong and healthy intimacy! 🔥

What are the coaching call times?

We begin Tuesday Nov. 1, at 6 pm EST. We will meet every Tuesday for 8 weeks at the same time.

The last call is Tuesday, December 20th.

Please click here for the time zone converter.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer refunds, credits, or transfers for the purchase of this program or any live programs that we offer.

Please read our refund policy here for further clarification.

Will I have a chance to ask Jake & Melissa questions?

YES. At the end of each call, Jake & Melissa will select questions to answer that best serve the entire group!

Do we get access to the recordings if we cannot make the calls?

YES. We give at least 12-month access to watch the recordings at your own pace.

How do I access the private group?

Once you signup, you will be prompted to create a profile inside of our private membership area. This is off social media, so it’s without the distractions and much more intimate.

Is this program international?

YES. We have people from all over the world who join our programs!

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Shoot our support team an email by filling out the form here. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days :)
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