The Elite Feminine Program

For The Strong Independent Woman Who Wants To Soften…Learn How To Reclaim Your Femininity, Get Out Of Survival Mode, And Heal Your Pain Toward The Masculine In Just 60 Days or Less.
Program begins July 15th

Attention women that are exhausted from being hyper-independent...Does This Sound Like You?

⮕ Do you struggle to give up control because you don't trust that a man, or anyone else around you can handle things?

⮕ Do you have a hard time asking for help and receiving support because you feel a sense of guilt?

⮕ Are you finding it difficult to open fully to a man because you are afraid of getting hurt and you can't trust his lead?

⮕ Are you ready to stop living in “fight or flight” and transition into your soft, warm femininity?

⮕ If you answered “YES!” to many or all of the above questions, it's very likely that you are carrying a masculine shield and don't feel safe to embody your femininity.

⮕ And that's totally understandable. We live in a society that demonizes women for being feminine.

Crazy right?

you aren’t allowed to be feminine when you have to constantly battle to survive and provide.

But what if we could show you a better way?

What if we could show you a simple process that would help you avoid years of heartache, stress, and frustration in just 60 days or less?

Jw Flower

We are Jake and Melissa Woodard. Together, we have helped over 10,000 women reclaim their femininity, break free of their cold, masculine shackles and discover how to be cherished by a man.

We take them through our feminine radiance process, which allows a woman to heal the deeply rooted trauma she harbors toward the masculine, let go of her shame, and embody her radiant feminine energy.

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Take a look at what some of our former clients say about working with us.

Louisa Bellil
Cindy Schonbett
Michelle Lenz


So you may be thinking, this all sounds dandy, but what does it actually look like working with you for 8 weeks?

Every week we will meet 2x for a live video call.

The first call will be every Monday at 1pm est. This is a live Magnetic Movement class with Melissa to get you out of your rigid masculine and into your femininity.

The second call will be held on Wednesday at 5pm est. This is a 90 minute live training with Jake & Melissa to dig into the unconscious pain that lays dormant in your body so you can FINALLY embrace your femininity.

***There will be a chance to be selected for live 1:1 coaching during the training calls. The recording will be sent out after each call if you cannot make it.

On top of that you will be given homework and embodiment practices every single week that you will report inside of our private Slack messaging group for accountability and support from other women.

Just imagine a powerful group of women all coming together with the intention to release years of built up shame, abandonment, and resentment…

Together we will heal your heart, nervous system and repair your relationship with the masculine!

Here is your 8 week breakdown:

Week 1: Healing Emotional + Physical Pain You Carry
Explore the hidden parts of your pain that keep you stuck living in survival mode and break free of your limiting beliefs.
Week 2: Creating Safety + Trust With Your Emotions
Honor your heart's desires to feel safety, love, and trust by repairing your nervous system with intentional releasing of stuck trauma.
Week 3: Shattering Your Masculine Shield
Learn how to let down your walls and trust the masculine, both inside & outside of you.
Week 4: Igniting Your Feminine Flame
Discover what it feels like to surrender into your femininity & let your radiance begin to illuminate from within you.
Week 5: The Empowered Woman
Reclaim your power by tapping into your natural femininity & your body's intuition.
Week 6: Feminine Pleasure & Expression
Dissolve the numbness and tension in your body so you can feel ecstatic pleasure pulsing through you without guilt.
Week 7: Communicate Like A Queen
Set healthy boundaries, express your needs and ask for what you want in a way that inspires the masculine to protect, lead + provide.
Week 8: The Ultimate Surrender
Anchor down lasting memory in the tissues of your body by stepping into your femininity with absolute trust & confidence.
Bonus #6: Everyone who signs up by May 14th will get access to the bonus accelerator live coaching call with Jake & Melissa!
So take a moment and visualize your life FREE of the constant burn-out and stress…

Imagine what it would feel like to unapologetically embrace your femininity…

Think about how empowered you will feel to receive help and support with ease…

Open yourself to a strong, masculine man who wants to provide, protect, and lead you…

Drop the heavy shield you carry on your shoulders from being hyper-independent and perfect…

Are you ready to FINALLY free yourself of this pain and embrace your femininity?

Take a look at what some of our former clients say about working with us.

Jw June 2024 Testie 2
Gabrielle Brick
Karen M Test

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the calls?
Every week we will meet two times for a powerful live video call beginning July 15th.

🕒 Mondays at 1pm EST for Magnetic Movement class with Melissa. This will be approximately 30 minutes.

🕒 Wednesdays at 5pm - 6:30pm EST for live training with Jake + Melissa. This will be a 90 minute interactive coaching call. Jake & Melissa will often pull people on for breakthrough coaching.

I am skeptical that this will work for me. How do I know it will?
Here is what we will tell you. We promise that if you show up to the calls, do the work and practices we share, your life will never be the same. You are worth the investment.
Will I get the recordings if I can't attend live?
Yes! You will receive the recording within 24-48 hours after each call and have 12 month access after the program has completed.
Will I be able to ask questions?
Absolutely! This is an interactive experience.

There will be a chance to be selected for live 1:1 coaching also.

Plus, you get incredible feedback from the elite sisterhood inside of the private Slack channel.
What exactly is included in this program?
8 weeks of live training + magnetic movement classes. (Mondays + Wednesday).

Private member's community inside Slack for accountability and support.

Access to the recordings.

Homework + embodiment practices every single week.

And whatever else we decide to throw in there to make sure you get life changing results! We know you will 😎
Money is really tight. Do you offer any longer payment plans?
Yes! We can offer you 6 interest-free installments through Affirm as long as you qualify and are located in the US or CA.

Send our support team an email at [email protected], and we will get you locked in!
What if my question isn’t answered here?
Just shoot our support team a message at ([email protected]) and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.
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