Live Workshop For Single Masculine Men + Feminine Women On October 25th
at 6 PM EST

Relationship Jumpstart

Learn the 7 secrets to attract your dream partner!
(Live recordings available for 48 hours after the workshop)
We all have a fantasy of a dream relationship, right?…the one that drips with passion, deep devotion, freedom, and endless love…

“But that’s just a fantasy, Jake.”

I believe we’ve been sold a lie. I believe we’ve been settling for an “okay” kind of love when we could be experiencing DEPTH.

What if I told you that a fantastic relationship is possible, and YOU hold the keys to unlocking this dream relationship?

Would you like us to show you how?

Here is what you will learn in this free workshop:

Gain clarity on how to navigate the dating world like a badass ninja. We know how confusing this can be and feel your pain!
Learn a simple and effective way to become 10x more desirable to men or women. These are crucial things that will drastically enhance your sexual appeal!
Restore confidence and trust in yourself even if you have lost all hope that a healthy relationship exists. We are going to show you a better way!

About Jake & Melissa

Jake & Melissa know the struggles of the dating world and endured many “toxic” relationships before they met each other.

They both attribute their “inner work” to the core reason they could come together into a healthy marriage.

Throughout their time together, they have learned many valuable lessons and principles. And with it, they have guided thousands to discover healthy intimacy.

They believe that everyone can experience a conscious relationship. It’s not that far out of your reach.


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