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The Magnetic Feminine

How To Attract The Conscious Masculine Man You Deeply Yearn For
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The Magnetic Feminine is an online video and audio training program that teaches women, just like you, how to connect with and open up to their divine feminine essence. In just three hours, I’ll guide you through a healing process designed to help you reprogram your beliefs around dating, embody your femininity, and find the man of your dreams.

Ladies, you’ve been lied to… love doesn’t need to be a struggle.

We may tell stories about our bad Tinder dates or complain about that guy who ghosted us, but the truth of the matter? True love is close. Closer than you may have ever believed. But as someone who has helped thousands of women heal their hearts and who also navigated the dating world himself for many years, I feel you. Once we get trapped inside of a negative dating pattern, it’s hard to escape. It becomes all that we know.

Does this sound like you?

You jump from relationship to relationship because you hope it will be different the next time.
You have low self-esteem because you are unsure of yourself.
You have unhealed childhood trauma that causes you to feel “not enough.”
You’re in a relationship, but it’s full of chaos.
You struggle to trust both yourself and a man.
You see yourself attracting the same type of wounded men into your life over and over again.
You’re unclear about what type of man you want.
You don’t know how to balance your masculine and feminine energies and would love not to feel rigid and stressed because you’re imbalanced.
You attract men who are flighty, inconsistent and ungrounded.
You wear a masculine shield to protect your heart because you are afraid to get hurt.
If any of these are familiar, you are probably struggling to connect with and open up to your feminine essence.


  • I used to emasculate men. I’ve been on a 3-year self-love journey to open my heart and energetically manifest what I desire, a true partnership with balanced energy. Jake’s course has empowered me to step into my feminine energy and face my masculine trauma wounds. I can feel myself becoming lighter and softer. The Magnetic feminine course was the last little push I needed to embody my feminine essence fully!
    Jaclyn Fracchia t
    - Jaclyn Fracchia
  • The Magnetic Feminine course was truly an inspiring and powerful experience for me. It opened me in so many ways and changed my mindset of what I might have been doing incorrectly this entire time. This course had me going deeper within myself to find my inner divine feminine and masculine energy. I highly recommend this for anyone looking into finding their true selves and attracting higher vibrational love! You will feel so empowered in your beautiful goddess energy!
    Julie Park t
    - Anna K.
  • After working with Jake I feel like my heart has been opened. I have let go of so much and the love that I now feel is indescribable.
    - Michelle Selden

This course will stop your negative dating patterns right in their tracks.

Are you tired of running on the hamster wheel of toxicity and ready to find a healthy, long-term relationship?


Dating men who can’t don’t embrace your deep heart desires. Struggling to trust in every romantic relationship. Only finding men who drain your energy.

As a healer, these are only a few of the stories I’ve heard. People run on patterns. And with the methods I teach in this course, I’ve helped THOUSANDS of students break their negative patterns and MANIFEST the relationship of their dreams.

In just a few hours, you will:

  1. Heal the relationship you have with yourself: Learn how to feel safe again, let down your masculine shield, boost your confidence, and heal your inner child.
  2. Reprogram your dating mindset: Discover your limiting beliefs around dating, shift to an abundance mindset, and break the cycle of toxicity.
  3. Rebuild your trust with the masculine: Cut the energetic cord, integrate with your inner masculine, and learn how to trust.
  4. Open your heart & activate your feminine: Learn what a healthy vs. wounded feminine looks like and how to show off your radiance.
  5. Get clear on the relationship + man you desire: Walk away from this course knowing exactly what you want and trusting your intuition.
  6. How to attract the man you desire: Learn how to attract the masculine through my proven practice.

Register today, and you will receive:

1. Healing The Relationship With Yourself
2. Reprogramming Your Dating Mindset
3. Rebuilding Trust With The Masculine
4. Opening Your Heart & Activating Your Feminine
5. Getting Clear On The Relationship
6. How To Attract The Man You Desire
1. Healing Your Inner Masculine (Feeling Safe Again)
2. Activating Your Divine Feminine (Body + Heart Connection)
3. Attracting The Masculine
1. Feminine Expression And Magnetizing Your Masculine Man To You. With Guest, Melissa Sgambelluri (My Fiancé), Who Is A Healing Coach And Movement Teacher.
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Are you ready to embody your feminine in a healthy way AND manifest the conscious relationship of your dreams?

This is a course for anyone who wants to get right down to the root of their intimacy problems, break down their inner walls, and heal once and for all. No more temporary solutions, cover-ups, or “quick fixes.” And no more “relationship-hopping.”

Without breaking down your internal negative beliefs about yourself, you’ll never be truly healed. After this course and the internal work I teach you, those walls will come crashing down.

Together, we’ll dive deep into YOU to uncover your pain points, heal them, and set you on a path towards the exact woman you want to be.

Are you ready to be radiant, irresistible, and magnetic?
Are you ready to have the man of your dreams by your side?
Are you ready for your internal wounds to heal?

Join me. Your deep heart will thank you for making this commitment to yourself.


Who Teaches The Magnetic Feminine Course?

The Magnetic Feminine Course is led by Spiritual Healer Jake Woodard. As a sacred energy healer, Jake creates safe space for his students to identify and release unconscious blocks so they can undergo the transformation needed to step fully into their gifts.

Host of the popular Awake with Jake Podcast, he’s experienced in awakening others to specific ways they can do their part in raising the vibration of the planet. Jake has spent YEARS facilitating the ascension of our species through profound teachings around the masculine and feminine energies we all embody. His mission is to steward us towards a brighter, more meaningful tomorrow. Jake is a true example of a teacher who embodies everything he teaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?

Customer satisfaction is our main focus! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Note: You MUST have completed at least 50 percent of the course and request a refund within 30 days of purchase. Please email [email protected] for a refund request.

Is this only for women?

This course is taught to women but the principles can be applied to someone with a feminine sexual essence because we all have both masculine + feminine energies. This course teaches you how to embody your feminine energy.

How can a male teach a course on feminine energy healing?

Every single person, regardless of gender, holds masculine & feminine energy. I’ve learned these sacred teachings through years of embodiment work and practice. And as someone who’s balanced his own masculine and feminine energy, I’m ready to guide you on your healing journey. I’ve worked with thousands of men and women over my years as a healer.

Is there a time limit I need to finish the course by?

No. You have lifetime access to all of the course material so you can go through it at your own pace. You can also go back and revisit any training as many times as you would like!

Do I need Facebook to access the course?

No, the entire course is accessible through a member’s area of the website.

Is this course about relationships?

This program is focused on the most important relationship you have...the one with yourself. It will significantly impact all of your current and future relationships. The main focus is aligning the masculine and feminine energies within yourself. When you understand and embody these energies, all areas of your life will change as a result.

What is the length of the course?

Between the video training modules and the guided meditations, the course length is approximately 3 hours. You will also have access to any future content that is published inside of the course. It’s important to remember that you have lifetime access to the course material and can go through it as many times as you would like at your own pace!

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Just shoot our support team a message at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.
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