Healing The Masculine Wound

(for men + women)
There is a masculine side to this world.

It's the energy we get from our fathers, uncles, brothers, and any man who plays a role in our lives.

Even if our relationships with these men are generally positive, we've all been hurt by masculine energy at some point.

Maybe it was abandonment, criticism, or neglect.

For some of us, it was severe emotional or physical abuse.

Your trust was broken, and because of this, you feel like you’re constantly in “protective mode.”

The thing that keeps you safe.

Would you agree?

For men, it can often make us feel insecure because we've lost some part of what makes us strong. 

This BLOCKS our ability to lead, healthily assert ourselves and connect deeply with the people we love. 

If you've found yourself too timid and overly nice about things or trying to control everything around you, it's because of this hurt. 

For women, it feels like a constant need to protect yourself, like you can't feel safe in your body. 

This BLOCKS our femininity from flowing because this heavy masculine energy stomps all over our softness and receptivity.

This manifests in our body as feeling tense and rigid and or like we’re afraid to let go and surrender. It makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE for us to build strong relationships with men in our lives. 

Recognizing this masculine hurt is the first step. 

Now it's time to heal the wound. Let's do this together.
I would recommend Jake to anyone walking through life the same way I was, going with the flow, no real mission or direction, and having a lackluster love life.

I am married and 41 and I wish I had learned these things 20 years ago. So married guys…get involved in Jake’s work immediately! For the single guys, I have seen firsthand how attractive and sexy it is to women for a man to be healing and working on himself and how much better and happier a relationship is when the polarity is there, and a strong connection is made. Working with Jake helped me realize this, he helped me heal my masculine and feminine wounds.”

- Alex Moore
My life hasn’t been the same since working with Jake. After spending most of my life in a rigid masculine mindset, Jake’s work has taught me the importance of surrender and flow. Almost a year on, the relationship with my husband has improved beyond what I thought possible. More importantly, my relationship with myself has blossomed beyond what I thought it ever could.”

- Lily Olsen

Inside this workshop, you will:

Expand your awareness into one of the deepest core wounds that humans carry. (the masculine wound)
Rebuild trust with masculine energy. Renewed trust will help you receive masculine energy as a woman and build confidence in your abilities as a man.
Activate deep healing in your nervous system through guided meditation.
Get the recordings after the workshop has been completed.
Get access to a live Q&A with Jake to answer your questions about the masculine wound.

Frequently Asked Questions 👇

Do we get recordings of the workshop when we register?

YES. You will get 12 months of access to the workshop recordings after completion.

How long is the workshop?

2 Hours - From 6 pm - 8:00 pm est

What is the date and time of the workshop?

Sunday, November 20th at 6 pm EST. Click here to convert your timezone.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not fully satisfied with the workshop, we offer a money-back guarantee for 7 days after the workshop has been completed (from 11/20/22 to 11/27/22) Please read our refund policy here.

What if my question still needs to be answered here?

Shoot our support team an email at [email protected], and we will get back to you within two business days :)
"The first time I spoke with Jake, he helped me unlock a deep rooted fear of men and safety that was driving all my adult relationships and interactions. By unlocking that pain and releasing it, I have been able to navigate my relationships with myself and others in completely different ways.

I went from shut down to surrendered to peaceful knowing and trusting that all things are possible when you do the work and learn new tools. I'm truly grateful to Jake for opening up my world to entirely new experiences and people."

- Kelly Henderson
“Through Jake’s guidance and shared wisdom, a formidable presence has been embodied. In light of an ever-expanding awareness of the masculine/feminine energies. A greater understanding of polarity in its natural flow and how it is not something to be feared, yet embraced. With open arms, through a deep-rooted knowing found within. Supported by grounding oneself in integrity.

This man truly is a blessing to humanity.

- Andrew Coulter


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