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Relationship Mastery

A 6-week journey for couples to learn how to create explosive passion, deeper connection, and an unshakable foundation of trust.

(With Jake & Melissa Woodard)
(Your partner is welcome to join you in this for free!)

Ready to take a sneak peek inside?

Week 1

The Birth of Your Dream Relationship

Build a foundation that supports more than just a house of cards.
You’ll learn:

✔️ Clarify your deepest desires so you actually know what you want in this relationship, and know your partner's needs as well.

✔️ Get into your core values so that your relationship is built on integrity and power.

✔️ Create your ideal relationship vision because it’s hard to build love when you don’t even know what kind of love you want to build.

Bonus: A chance to be selected for 1:1 breakthrough coaching
Week 1
Week 1

Week 2

Clearing Out the Mucky Waters

Because trauma is the ultimate roadblock.
You’ll learn:

✔️ Taking accountability + ownership so that you can work as a team, staying out of the blame game.

✔️ Letting go of hidden relationship blocks that are keeping your relationship stuck.

✔️ Healing from past wounds because old wounds bleed into the present.

Bonus: A chance to be selected for 1:1 breakthrough coaching

Week 3

The Mental + Emotional Foreplay

You have to let the water boil before you put the noodle in the pot.
You’ll learn:

✔️ Regulating your nervous system so that you can handle any moment, and any emotion.

✔️ Staying connected through conflict because yelling or shutting down kills communication.

✔️ Dialing in your relationship's full potential with cohesive bonding.

Bonus: A chance to be selected for 1:1 breakthrough coaching
Week 1
Week 1

Week 4

Sexual Nourishment + Embodiment

Dive into the golden nectar of your sexual expression.
You’ll learn:

✔️ Working through shame + why you're holding back, because your partner deserves your all and so do you.

✔️ Building a foundation of trust for surrender, allowing the feminine to flourish.

✔️ Speaking your sexual language. It’s time your relationship goes bilingual in the ways that turn you both on the most.

Bonus: A chance to be selected for 1:1 breakthrough coaching

Week 5

The Dance of Polarity

Opposites attract FLOURISH, especially the embodied masculine and feminine.
You’ll learn:

✔️ Integrating masculine + feminine dynamics, so there’s always healthy polarity keeping the spark alive.

✔️ How to invite the masculine + pursue the feminine, the cornerstone to proper polarity.

✔️ The 4 stages of polarity. Your relationship can only be the fiery passion it’s meant to be when the man is masculine and the woman is feminine. In real polarity, the sparks fly.

Bonus: A chance to be selected for 1:1 breakthrough coaching
Week 1
Week 1

Week 6

The Forever Climax

Infinite climaxes? Sign me up.
You’ll learn:

✔️ Anchoring communication techniques so that even years down the road, you’re both still being heard.

✔️ Keeping the spark ignited, ensuring the flame of passion doesn’t sizzle out… it roars.

✔️ Maintaining a deep connection via mind, body, and soul.

Bonus: A chance to be selected for 1:1 breakthrough coaching

Let’s embody, unlock and MASTER your relationship

Are you ready to expand your relationship's potential beyond the brick wall it's currently hitting?

How would your relationship feel?

If your man took initiative and pursued you with the presence of his embodied masculine energy?

Or if your woman put down her masculine shield and finally surrendered, trusting you to lead?

This could be the breakthrough into the movie-reel relationship you keep playing in your head.

And you’ve probably heard that this kind of love actually exists, but…

Do you have a power struggle with your partner, butting heads about who should take the lead?
Are you not respected and honored, feeling that judgment is always around the corner?
Do you crave to feel accepted by your partner and safe with them?
Is your communication shaky, making it difficult to put out the fires when conflict arises?
Are you ready to express the depths of your femininity or the unshakeable frame of your masculinity?
If these are hitting home and you’re saying “yes… Yes…. YES!”,

Then NOW is the time for you to join my relationship-mastering program.

Do you desire to unleash the juicy, potent potential of your relationship?
Your relationship may only be a little drip...

BUT it can become that WATERFALL once again.

Because deep down, you know there is more THRUST in his masculine nature.

You know there is more JUICE in her feminine essence.

You have the potential to go from dried up and limp to ROCK SOLID & FLOWING.

This is where passionate sex, intimacy and respect is brought back to LIFE.

The Path is Paved With These 3 Core Pillars

Clear Communication

Dynamic Polarity


When you live these pillars...

The man leads with his embodied masculine energy:

He becomes a decisive, trustworthy leader.

And the woman glows within her feminine radiance:

She becomes a beacon of beauty and nurture – the sunshine on a cloudy day.

Elevating your relationship has never been this easy

Because in just 45 days, we’re truly removing the painful thorns that were just swept under the rug.

We’ll also take aim at repairing your polarity.

And once we do this, it’s like cranking the ‘desire’ dial up to 11…

Your intimacy will THRIVE.

I have laid out the path for you and your partner to deeply connect, reignite your passion, and understand each other.

All built on a foundation of respect, devotion, and admiration.

And we’re doing all of this in just 6 weeks.

Here is what others are saying about working with Jake & Melissa!

Your Teachers
Jake & Melissa have spent years diving deep into the healing and embodiment of masculine & feminine energies.

Together they have coached over 10,000 people into deeper intimacy, balance, and healing.

They attribute polarity to saving their relationship and continuously opening to new depths of love, intimacy, and freedom.

They will guide you through a balanced approach to teach you the key factors of a healthy relationship and advanced polarity!

Okay, but

what makes this program special?

I get it.

There are tons of courses out there for couples.

But there are a few simple reasons why over 10,000 people have chosen to work with us (Jake & Melissa),

(And why they’ve had serious results with my work)...

First and most importantly, I live, breathe, and practice what I teach.

My own marriage is a living result of my teachings.

I walk the walk, so I understand how all of this is actually applied.

Second, this ain't some fluffy program to spiritually bypass your problems.

There are real reasons why your relationship isn't thriving.

And this means there are real solutions for why it can.

So I’m not about skipping discomfort.

Truth is, the discomfort is coming either way…

At least with us (Jake & Melissa), we’ll face it together and you’ll be equipped to actually work through it.

Lastly, I take a no-bullshit approach to calling people out when they aren't living their truth.

This empowers me to fully show you where you’re holding back.

You and your partner can have so much more.

And working together, we’ll unlock that for both of you.

Why people love working with us (Jake & Melissa)

“Jake, your work has helped me in SO many ways. I honestly don't think I would be in this place in my feminine energy and essence without learning about the polarity principles from you. I have learned what men really want and appreciate. I have learned what real healthy masculinity is about and looks like. One of the biggest things so far has been the enormous relief that has come from the understanding that I don't actually have to be in control all of the time!”
- Heidi B.
“You have helped me accept my true feminine self. My marriage is night and day different because of this. We used to have terrible arguments and now we can communicate without destruction and chaos.”
- Becca R.

Here’s what you get

Six 90-minute Group Coaching Calls
Join us in live calls where we’re diving deep, no-holds-barred, into relationship mastery
Lifetime Access to Recorded Calls
You’ll receive the recording of each call that you can keep forever. (Some of my most successful students watch the replays multiple times to fully embody everything shared.)
Exclusive Access to a Private Facebook Group
This is where you get to connect with the entire community, find support, camaraderie, and ask questions.
Crystal-Clear Communication
So that you’ll never be misheard or misunderstood, know how to articulate your needs and boundaries, and be able to resolve any conflicts.
Dynamic Polarity
Because your relationship can only be the fiery passion it’s meant to be when the man is masculine and the woman is feminine. In real polarity, the sparks fly.
Core-energy embodiment is like the battery for your relationship. Without it, your relationship will be strained and running on fumes.
Your relationship will never be the same again…
After this program, you and your partner will know exactly how to reignite your passion, creating deeper connection and better chemistry than ever before.

Communication will no longer feel like a battle, but more like a duet, where each of you are heard and understood.

The foundation of your love will be respect and devotion.

And finally, the man will be leading through his masculine frame, and the woman radiating through her feminine essence.

Get ready for the relationship that actually matches what you most desire.

The value of this program is $1,875

But you get to Join Today for only:
2 split payments of $347

And we've got even more for you…

When you join today, you’ll also get the chance to be selected for 1-on-1 Breakthrough Coaching the end of one of the six calls.

At the end of each weekly call, you’ll have the chance to be coached by Jake to solve the biggest problems that your relationship is facing.

✅ This elite-level coaching (that we normally charge $1,000+ per session for) is bundled FREE into your enrollment!

Why people love working with us

“I found your work when I was so lost and lonely… It made me understand my shortcomings, and it made me understand women in a way I never did before. It pushed me to build confidence and put my life back together and pursue a higher purpose. For that, I’m eternally grateful.”
- Frederik C.
“My life hasn’t been the same since working with Jake. After spending most of my life in a rigid masculine mindset, Jake’s work has taught me the importance of surrender and flow. Almost a year on, the relationship with my husband has improved beyond what I thought possible. More importantly, my relationship with myself has blossomed beyond what I thought it ever could.”
- Lily Olsen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this self-paced?

Kind of. There are weekly live calls over the course of 6 weeks. Ideally, attend the live calls when they happen. However, if you’re not able to, I will always send out the recordings, so pace that however it fits your schedule.

When are the coaching calls?

Call #1: Tuesday, August 22nd, from 6pm est - 7:30pm est

Call #2: Tuesday, August 29th, from 6pm est - 7:30pm est

Call #3: Tuesday, September 5th, from 6pm est - 7:30pm est

Call #4: Tuesday, September 12th, from 6pm est - 7:30pm est

Call #5: Tuesday, September 19th, from 6pm est - 7:30pm est

Call #6: Tuesday, September 26th, from 6pm est - 7:30pm est

Click here to convert your time zone!

Does the cost of admission cover both my partner and I to join?

Yes! If you are attending together, you will only need one signup!

If I am single, would this still be beneficial?

YES! Because you will learn a lot about masculine + feminine dynamics, which will significantly impact your future relationship.

What is your refund policy for this program?

Your experience and satisfaction is our top priority! If you are in need of a refund before Relationship Mastery begins, please send our support team an email within 7 days of purchase. Read our refund policy here!

What if my question isn’t answered?

You're family to us! Email my support, and we'll take care of you right away! [email protected]

Note: After 6 pm est, emails may be responded to at 9 am est the next day.

Here’s your final call to join before it’s too late…

Are you ready to master your relationship?

Re-ignite your passion and intimacy?

Expand your polarity through your core energy?

And FINALLY tap into the potential that you know your relationship has?

This 6-week program is what will get you there,

And frankly, if you don’t step up to nurture and grow your relationship,

Who will?


Remember, you are never at risk!  Your order today is fully protected by my 7-days money-back guarantee.
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