Learn how to supercharge your intimate life by unlocking deeper sex, better communication, and a newfound passion in just two weeks.
We had so many requests for us to do this program again that we are now offering the live trainings (6 hours total) as a self-paced course for only $97.

Let me start by asking you a few questions...

➡️ Do you struggle to communicate clearly and effectively within your relationships?

➡️ Is your sex life lacking depth and meaningful connection?

➡️ Do you experience “intimate burnout” within your relationship after being with them for a while?

➡️ Do you struggle to trust the masculine or feminine because you hold onto past resentment toward people that hurt you?

➡️ Are you unsure of how to embody your masculine or feminine energies?

➡️ Do you desire to feel the full surrender and openness of a woman or the full masculine strength and presence of a man?

➡️ Do you feel like your intimate life has lost that “spark” and needs some help?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please keep reading...
"I’ve realized so much… and my partner and I connected in ways we never have before. It’s as if life and vitality was breathed back into us. We both wanted to connect, we just didn’t know how. These classes have changed our lives. 6yrs together, broke up twice but kept feeling called to dive deeper. I was afraid. I didn’t realize what I was doing, neither did he. But we committed to this Polarity Bootcamp and man has it been EYE OPENING. Thank you both 🙏🏼"
- Devon Zander

I want you to take a moment and imagine a few things with me.

Imagine having healthy communication that doesn’t feel clunky because you are crystal clear on how to express yourself.

Imagine being so magnetic that when you walk into a room, the right people are drawn to you.

Imagine supercharging your intimate life by harnessing the power of polarity.

Imagine attracting your dream relationship or going deeper into your current relationship.

Imagine feeling balanced, energized, and clear within your intimate life.

This is EXACTLY why I have created Polarity Bootcamp.

Polarity Bootcamp is broken into 4 - 90 minute workshops spread throughout the 2 weeks 👇

Workshop #1: Let's Get Naked.

  • Stripping away your masculine/feminine wounds.
  • Exposing your natural core essence.
  • Polarity dynamics.

Workshop #2: Let's Get Juicy.

  • Speaking your sexual language.
  • Breaking the “good girl” and “nice guy” templates.
  • Attracting vs. repelling sexual energies.
  • Swimming in the 4 stages of relationships.
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Workshop #3: How About Some Foreplay?

  • Embodiment practices to awaken feminine pleasure and masculine thrust.
  • Inspiring the feminine surrender and receiving masculine courtship.
  • Flowing and penetrating.

Workshop 4: We Have Reached Climax.

  • Anything goes Q&A about intimacy, sex, relationships, polarity, and masculine/feminine energies!
  • Guided meditation to fully embody your polarized self.

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My wife (Melissa) and I will guide you through a 2-week-long process for you to:

✅ Give you a crystal clear roadmap of how to experience the relationship you desire.

Enhance your communication so your partner is excited to meet your needs.

Forever heal core wounds and imbalances within your masculine and feminine energies.

Supercharge your intimate life by learning how to lead from your natural core energy.

Bridge the sexual, emotional, physical, and spiritual connection with another person.

✅ Discover deeper balance, clarity, and mind-blowing intimacy.

Does this sound pretty damn amazing, or what?

Let's make this happen!

Here Is What You Get When You Signup Today!

Regual Price - $497!
Early Bird Price Ends Soon
✔ 4 - 90 minute workshops that will go deep into masculinity, femininity, intimacy, polarity, sex, healing, and relationships.
✔ Homework and fun challenges.
✔ Embodiment exercises and polarity practices.
✔ Communication exercises and examples.
✔ Powerful live meditations.
✔ Breathwork for balance and energy.
✔ Lifetime access to the recordings.
✔ The keys to supercharge your intimate life.

Your Teachers

Jake & Melissa have spent years diving deep into the healing and embodiment of masculine & feminine energies.

Together they have coached over 10,000 people into deeper intimacy, balance, and healing.

They attribute polarity to saving their relationship and continuously opening to new depths of love, intimacy, and freedom.

They will guide you through a balanced approach to teach you the key factors of a healthy relationship and advanced polarity!
Sign up today and save $200 (sale ends soon)

Commonly Asked Questions

Does this still apply to me even if I am not in a relationship?

YES. Polarity is in EVERYTHING you do in your life. You will walk away from this with greater balance, clarity, and an understanding of how masculine/feminine energetics work in your life and relationships.

What are some of the things we will learn in this program?

Polarity, masculine/feminine energies, intimacy, sex, healing, relationships, communication, embodiment, and more!

Is this a self-paced course?

Yes! When you signup for this program, you get permanent access to the material and can go at your own pace!

Is this a live training?

No, this was a live training that is now being offered as a self-paced course for you to benefit from these exclusive teachings.

What is your refund policy?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not completely satisfied with the program, send our support team an email within 7 days of purchase, and we will give you a refund with no questions asked. Please read our refund policy here.

Got another question that wasn't answered here?

Shoot our support team an email at [email protected], and we will happily help you!


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