Learn the framework to lead with unshakable confidence, set rock-solid boundaries, and inspire the respect of a woman in just 4 days at my Elite Masculine Retreat.

(May 16-19, Adirondack Mountains, NY)
The early bird price ends Tuesday March 12th:
The early bird price ends Tuesday March 12th:

Brother, do you show up passive and insecure?

Life and the woman you desire is calling you to lead with a spine, assertiveness, and confidence.

Instead, your foundation is shaky, your presence is distracted, you overthink every damn decision, and your energy is just… flaccid.

Haven’t you had enough of this?

You know there is a warrior deep within you rattling your cage…

A man who’s ready to lead, instead of follow.
A man ready to fulfill his role as provider and protector.
A man ready to be respected. And admired.
A man ready to be honored and desired by a woman, instead of shit-tested and challenged.

You wouldn’t still be reading this if a part of you didn't sense that was true, right?

You can be so much more, and she knows it, too.

It’s time to obliterate the inner nice-guy-pushover…

by building a strong masculine frame of leadership.

By now, you know that leading is what we’re designed for, and it all relies on your masculine frame.

Building this is how you create an unshakeable presence and the confidence to claim the freedom you know you’re worthy of.. But it doesn’t stop there..

This is also how you nurture steaming intimacy with your woman and ditch the vices you use to distract yourself.

Build the emotional intelligence needed to help you be vulnerable when needed, while getting the respect you deserve.

Gain the self awareness needed to identify emotions and take control of them before they control you.

Join me and a brotherhood of men in the mountains for 4 days to unleash the leader chained up within you.

By implementing my Masculine Leadership Formula, you’ll become a man that women respect and who is admired by others in just 4 days…

I was forced to develop this myself years ago because of constant resistance from my wife.

You may not know this about me, but I grew up in a very violent and unsafe environment.

My father was negative and full of anger, my sister was a heroin addict. My nervous system and brain were hardwired for anger, negativity, and violence.

So when I met my wife, Melissa. It took me a while to learn to trust and feel safe again. I fought against the idea of marriage and family because my experience had been so negative.

It was only when I learned how to heal myself, the pain slowly left my body like a poison being washed away.

I had to learn what it meant to be a MAN and you know what that lesson was?

Masculinity is NOT about being dominating.

It's about learning to embody gentle strength

Masculinity involves a high level of awareness, and when you're emotionally closed down, it's easy to lose sight of your moral compass and internal awareness.

I’m living proof that any man can go from (unhealed to healed)
Jake Woodard Before And After
This formula is battle-tested and proven and what led me into becoming the man I am today and I want to do the same for you.
This is why I created this Elite Masculine retreat

You, me, and a handful of other men will spend 4 days in the Adirondack Mountains, where I will lead you into becoming the man you deserve to be

Day 1 (No More Nice Guy Bullshit)
Day 2 (Lead Like A King)
Day 3 (Embody Strong Boundaries)
Day 4 (Inspire The Respect Of a Woman)

Now you might be wondering… is 4 days enough to see real change?

Absolutely. You don’t need years of therapy to see instant change. All you need is the desire to change and a proven way to get there, and I can show you how.

All it takes is your willingness to invest in yourself and commit to changing your old ways, and you can have thriving intimacy and freedom by developing an unshakable masculine frame.

You are being called to be this man.

He’s caged up inside you, letting out a war cry right now.

This time, will you finally seize it, or will you distract yourself away again?
Jackson was struggling with self-confidence and learned to become a powerful leader.
Deven was struggling to lead his family and wife and learned how to do so with certainty.
Cody learned how to build his masculine frame and gain the respect of his wife.

Here is what you get 👇🏼

• Leadership training
• Transformational breathwork + meditations
• Primal movement exercises
• Campfires + meaningful conversations
• Nourishing whole-food meals
• Cabin style lodging in the mountains
• Visualization exercises
• Boundary setting exercises
• Confidence + assertiveness training
• Brotherhood with like-minded men
• Tactical ways to heal your nervous system
• The Roadmap to confidence, mental clarity + inner peace
• The keys to inspiring a woman's respect + admiration of you

And 3 remarkable bonuses: (all of these will be live in-person at the event)

Bonus #1: Two combat training classes with a mixed martial artist (boxing + jiu-jitsu)
Bonus #2: Business + entrepreneurship workshop with a multimillionaire business owner
Bonus #3: Relationship mastery workshop with my wife, Melissa

If you’ve gotten this far then you’re probably ready to take the next step.

No more overthinking, no more wishy washy and no more disrespect from loved ones or peers. What do you say… are you ready for change?

"This course would have saved me over a decade of unhealthy habits and addictions. Jake is truly a master craftsman when it comes to understanding masculine + feminine energies. By joining this program, you will learn to take responsibility and lead yourself. The byproducts of doing this will be health, strength, clarity, and thriving relationships."
Joe Knight Customer Of Jake Woodard
- Joe Knight
Deven Jake Retreat
Jake Retreat Kevin
"You realize you make many excuses and justifications to hide your insecurities. Jake sees right through that in an instant. He bores right through all of your crap and calls you out on it.

It's rattling to your core because you know it's what you need to become the man you want to be."
James Gardiner Customer Of Jake Woodard
- James Gardiner

Imagine being confident in your leadership and not second guessing yourself?

Imagine what it would feel like to have the love, respect, and admiration of a woman?

Imagine how you free will feel when you are no longer weighed down by past guilt, fear, and shame?

Imagine people respecting your boundaries because you are so clear and grounded when you speak?

FAQs 👇

What if I can’t afford this? If you’re living pay check to pay check, this may not be for you right now. If you believe this is too expensive, then ask yourself..

What is the cost of divorce?

If you're single, how will a high value woman ever want you if you don't invest in yourself?

What is the cost of going another year feeling like you do?

I’m not ready to deal with my emotional pain? As cliche as it sounds, you’re here for a reason. Staying in your comfort zone is why you’ll never be ready, get out of your comfort zone and take the leap. Don’t worry, I’ve been there, and you won’t be alone. I”ve got your back.

How will I know if this will work for me? It starts with you DECIDING that you want to change. Once you decide its incredible the changes you will make, I guarantee it.

When is this retreat taking place?
Thursday, May 16th - Sunday, May 19th in Warrensburg, NY. (US)

What is included?
4 days of live training, food + lodging are included. Travel expenses are not included.

Do I have to be in person to participate?
Yes, this is an in-person experience only.

What if my question isn't answered here?
You're family to us! Email my support team, and we'll take care of you right away! [email protected]
Note: After 6 pm est, emails may be responded to at 9 am est the next day.

Time doesn’t wait on you, and neither should you. Neither will the life or the woman you desire.

Brother, I won’t drag you by your ankles to this retreat so that you can be the man you know you need to be.

But you can’t keep ignoring that inner call.

You know you were made for more.

Either you’re finally tired of the bullshit, and you’ll commit to being that man, or we’ll be having the same conversation in 2025… another year wasted.

Enter the mountains with this brotherhood, and leave as a connected, confident, and solid leader.
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