Spiritual healing retreat

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Are you looking to awaken, heal and transform your life? The experience is for men and women and is 5 days of deep soul work. Throughout our time together we will explore new depths of consciousness and healing. The focus of the retreat is healing, releasing and transforming. Words cannot convey the energetic shifts that will happen within your life after experiencing this. 


Some of the things at this retreat will include the following:


  • Harmonizing your masculine/feminine energies​

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Learning how to set boundaries

  • Releasing trapped emotions​

  • Yoga

  • Energy healing

  • Nature immersion 

  • Breath work exercises 

  • Group healing sessions

  • Dancing

  • Sound bath healing

  • Guided mediations

  • And much more!

see what other people

have said about attending previous retreats!

Kristen Mackoul

"Facing the parts of myself I’d kept locked away for so long, that was hard.... But there’s no one else I would have had guide me through this experience. There aren’t enough words to express the acceptance and love that Jake radiates and the value of this experience has added to my life.”

Jeremy Santa Cruz

The retreat! What an emotional roller coaster ride! Because of the exercises of inner child meditation, deep conversations, setting boundaries, and Jake's teachings, it brought up  deep feelings. There was ,laughter, crying, screaming and yelling but most of all the love I developed. But at Jake's retreat you are safe, included and YOU MATTER!! In result what more could you ever need than a development of love and self worth. Very exciting emotional development. You are important. Especially to yourself. I feel great! I can move forward in my life! 

Judith Lopez

Words cannot express the radiant joy I have now then when this year started. I had a breakdown and was finally ready to invest in myself. Not just to do things I like but, to dig deep into myself and release everything that I have held in.  I strongly believe God works in beautiful ways and has guided me down this path to do the inner work with Jakes help. Attending his Spiritual Retreat in June 2019. Jake has helped me change my mindset and see a clearer perspective of things!

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