The REWIRED Program

 Are you ready to purge the toxicity from your physical body, reprogram your subconscious mind and heal past relationship pain to REWIRE yourself for success?
Do you fall into one or many of these categories? 👇

➡️ Do you try to break out of bad habits but find yourself right back to where you started?

➡️ Does your mind constantly go to the worst-case scenario, which causes you to be overwhelmed?

➡️ Do you feel burned out because no matter how hard you work, you never seem to get ahead?

➡️ Do you find yourself being a chronic people-pleaser because you have weak boundaries?

➡️ Are you often stressed, anxious, and worried about the future?

➡️ Do you fear being vulnerable with someone because you’re afraid of rejection or failure?

If you said “YES” to one or many of these, your subconscious mind and nervous system have been HIJACKED and need to be REWIRED. ⚡️🧠

Rewiring yourself will allow you to:

✅ Activate your abundance mindset so you can STOP living in survival mode 💰

Find your authentic voice so you can stop being a chronic people pleaser and set healthy boundaries 🗣️

Regulate your nervous system so you can STOP living in fight or flight mode 😌

Release stored toxins from your body that contribute to imbalances 🔥

Optimize your relationships by releasing the pain from your past 📈

Program your subconscious mind for SUCCESS instead of overwhelm and fear. 🧠
Throughout the past ten years, I have slowly reclaimed my health and life force energy through physical, emotional, mental, nutritional and spiritual work.

I have spent THOUSANDS of hours and dollars testing different styles of healing modalities, foods, supplements and biohacking… so you DO NOT have to.

And I can honestly say that my overall life is very fulfilling and abundant.

BUT it wasn't always this way for me…
Before I got into this type of work, I was a TRAINWRECK 🚂

👉 Drinking all of the time.
👉 Eating like shit.
👉 No connection to God or the universe.
👉 Working a job I hated.
👉 Dating women who didn't love me.

So what shifted for me?

I no longer wanted to be the VICTIM of my life and wanted to reclaim my power.
I am going to show you how to stop living in fight or flight mode and REWIRE yourself for success. 🧠⚡️

Are you ready to unlock the life you have always dreamed of?
Can you relate to any of these?

👉 You feel continuously burned out and overwhelmed.

👉 You are a chronic people-pleaser because you struggle to communicate and say NO.

👉 Your intimate life is lacking the PASSION and DEPTH you crave.

👉 You are not where you want to be because you lack meaningful purpose.

I want you to know this DOES NOT have to continue to be this way…

For the very first time, I will be pulling back the curtain on exactly how you can REWIRE your life and go from burned out to BUZZING with life force energy. ⚡️⚡️
I would recommend Jake to anyone walking through life the same way I was, going with the flow, no real mission or direction, and having a lackluster love life. I am married and 41 and I wish I had learned these things 20 years ago. So married guys…get involved in Jake’s work immediately! For the single guys, I have seen firsthand how attractive and sexy it is to women for a man to be healing and working on himself and how much better and happier a relationship is when the polarity is there, and a strong connection is made. Working with Jake helped me realize this, he helped me heal my masculine and feminine wounds.
- Alex Moore
"I never realized how all our behaviors stem from our childhood & am now able to understand why we all behave in certain ways! Even to where trauma is stored in the body, just wow!! I learned so so much & wish everyone would go on one of your courses!

The best investment in me I have ever made!"
- Kerry Davis
Here is a glimpse into this program breakdown 👇
It’s broken into 4 - 90 minute workshops with a bonus breakthrough coaching workshop!

Workshop #1: Physical health, detoxification, and optimizing your energy.

Some of the topics of discussion…

  • Improving your digestive health
  • Removing toxins
  • Enhancing your life force energy
  • Biohacking without overwhelm
  • Conscious animal-based nutrition
  • Optimizing your hormones


Workshop #2: Regulating your nervous system and reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Some of the topics of discussion…

  • Getting to the root of your trauma
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Rewiring your nervous system
  • Healing abandonment, shame, fear, and neglect
  • Rebuilding confidence and self-worth
  • Emotional stability and groundedness
  • How to become unfuckwithable



Workshop #3: Healing your relationship wounds and communicating with clarity.

Some of the topics of discussion…

  • Improve your communication skills
  • Killing your inner people-pleaser
  • Restoring relationships and family boundaries
  • How to deal with people who trigger you
  • Cutting out toxic people
  • Finding your tribe and nourishing friendships
  • Deepening your intimate life

Workshop #4: Developing an abundance mindset for wealth and connecting to your purpose.

Some of the topics of discussion…

  • Developing an abundance mindset (not fake shit either)
  • Discover your deeper sense of purpose
  • Finding self-worth
  • Increasing your value
  • Becoming magnetic to wealth
  • Learn the universal currency of energy

Here is what you get:

One-Time Purchase
The keys to purge the toxicity from your physical body, reprogram your subconscious mind and heal past relationship pain to REWIRE yourself for success!
Q&As at the end of calls to answer your questions.
4 - 90 minute live workshops that will improve your physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being and connect you with a deeper sense of purpose and self-worth!

Bonus #1: A super secret private Facebook community to connect with other like-minded people who are aligned with this work!
Bonus #2: A Q&A workshop to answer all of your questions about the previous workshops!
Bonus #3: Permanent access to all of the recordings of each workshop!
Bonus #4: A nontoxic household guide to remove toxins and improve your living space!
My life hasn’t been the same since working with Jake. After spending most of my life in a rigid masculine mindset, Jake’s work has taught me the importance of surrender and flow. Almost a year on, the relationship with my husband has improved beyond what I thought possible. More importantly, my relationship with myself has blossomed beyond what I thought it ever could.”
- Lily Olsen
"I found your work during the pandemic. When I was so lost and lonely, I was thinking about suicide. It made me understand my shortcomings. It made me understand women in a way I never did before. It pushed me to build confidence and put my life back together and pursue a higher purpose. For that, I'm eternally grateful."
- Frederick De Carufel

Frequently Asked Questions 👇

When will the calls be?

The time zone is EST. Please click here to use the time zone converter.

Monday - May 15th at 6 pm est
Thursday, May 18th at 6 pm est
Monday, May 22nd at 6 pm est
Thursday, May 25th at 6 pm est
Bonus call - Monday, May 29th at 6 pm est

How can I access the calls?

The calls will be held via Zoom webinar. Once you sign up, you will automatically be registered through Zoom and receive a confirmation email with the details.

Is this program for both men and women?

YES. Clear examples will be taught for both men and women.

Will I be required to be on video?

No. But you can actively engage in the comment section of Zoom. 🙂

What if I can't make the call times?

You get permanent access to the recordings. 😎

What is your refund policy?

Our customer satisfaction is our main priority! If, for whatever reason, you need to request a refund, you can do so within seven days of purchase. Read our refund policy here.

What if my question wasn't answered here?

Shoot our team an email, and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours! [email protected]
Your Undesired State Now…

❌ Foggy and unclear with your life direction
❌ Poor communication
❌ Weak boundaries
❌ Imbalanced masculine/feminine energies
❌ People-pleasing tendencies
❌ Physically exhausted and burned out


💥 Increased energy levels
💥 Enhanced mental clarity
💥 Deeper relationships that nourish you
💥 More financially abundant
💥 Connected to your purpose
💥 Grounded and balanced

Sounds pretty damn amazing?


Remember, you are never at risk!  Your order today is fully protected by my 7-days money-back guarantee.
DISCLAIMER: Trigger warning.... Boundaries, opinions/insight based on facts and research, profanity, and raw emotions may be expressed within this container.
Jake invites you to do your own research and form your opinion, as this is not medical advice, only insight from a loving place.
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