Spiritual Healing Retreat

Catskill Mountains, NY September 25-29


Do you feel like you have energetic blockages that need to be released from your life?

Are you lacking a sense of direction and clarity?

Would you like the tools and guidance to heal and transform your life?

Imagine having a safe place to be heard, seen and supported. Join us at our next Spiritual Healing Retreat to release blockages, heal pain, gain clarity and awaken your heart.

This is a co-ed experience designed to help you breakthrough, activate deep healing and raise your vibrational energy.

Take a look below at what some of the other previous guest have said after attending one of the retreats...

Below are some of the things you will experience at the retreat.

Masculine/ Feminine Embodiment

Learn the differences between masculine and feminine energies. Understand how sexual polarity plays a crucial role in your relationships. Embody each of the energies through different exercises.

Inner Child Healing

Learn how to heal your inner child by giving them the love and support that they always needed. Merge with your childlike innocence, playfulness and joy once again.


Learn how to breathe properly and in a way that creates more energy and can help reduce stress. Breathwork can help to bring up stored trauma in the body and activate the releasing of it. The breath is the first thing you are born with and the last thing you die with. Change your breath, change your emotions.

Setting Boundaries

Learn to set boundaries in a healthy way. We all need to be able to say "no" at times. Most of us fear upsetting other people because of the guilt we carry and inability to speak our truth. By learning to honor your space, other people will begin to show you more respect.

Healing Wounds and Trauma

Most of us carry energetic wounds from previous trauma and hard life experiences. By identifying those blocks, you can begin to remove what doesn't serve your highest good. We focus on cutting energetic cords through releasing and forgiveness.

Guided Meditation

Experience dropping deep into group healing guided meditations to connect with your heart and soul. The power of meditation is in the stillness to be able to see how busy your mind is. Through meditation you can begin to quiet your mind.

What Is Included With The Retreat?

  • Inner Child Healing Exercises
  • Masculine And Feminine Energy Embodiment
  • Energy Healing
  • Breathwork Exercises
  • Energetic Cord Cutting Exercises
  • Boundary Setting Exercises
  • Pain Releasing Exercises
  • Group Healing Guided Meditations
  • Crystal Bracelet Building
  • Nature Immersion
  • Ceremonial Bonfires
  • Sound Bath Healing
  • Yoga Classes
  • Breakthrough Sessions
  • Ecstatic Dancing
  • Gourmet Food
  • World Class Retreat Center Accommodations
  • The Angel Walk


Jake Woodard.

Jake Woodard is a Spiritual Healer, Author and the host of The Awake With Jake Show Podcast.
He grew up in a small farm town in Upstate, NY. As a young boy he dealt with many adversities such as physical and emotional abuse from family members. He watched his best friend, his older sister Joselyn, become addicted to heroin at 13 years old. He battled with obesity, porn addiction, severe anger, ADHD, alcoholism and suicidal depression.
The foundation of Jakes work is built around integrity, trust, energy healing, inner child work, setting boundaries, meditation, cutting energetic cords, consciousness, harmonizing masculine and feminine energies and living a life with an open heart to give and receive more love.


We focus on cleansing your energy field, past traumas, emotional blockages, cutting energetic cords, healing your inner child, harmonizing masculine and feminine energies, sexual polarity, setting boundaries and whatever else comes through during our time together. These type of healing exercises will help to activate more love and awareness within your life.

The food is outstanding. Most of the food is actually grown right on the land. The head chef has cooked all around the world and has extensive knowledge of health and wellness. Each meal is unique and different.

There is no cell phone service but there is high speed wifi throughout the property. This is a great time to be off the grid and unplug.

As always saftey is our main priority at our retreats. There will be moderate physical activity, but everything we do can be modified to your needs. You also can opt out of anything you don't feel comfortable doing.

If you have any physical limitations or special health concerns, please email support@jakewoodard.com

You should wear clothes that are comfortable. Clothes that you would do yoga in or some type of physical exercise. It also may be cold at times so bring clothes that are warm. We may have inclimate weather so bring a jacket that is waterproof.

Albany International Airport

If you have any questions please email support@jakewoodard.com


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