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The Elite Masculine Program

KILL YOUR INNER NICE GUY AND SELF-DOUBT & build the frame of powerful leadership that women crave and people respect in only 90 days.
(for men) - begins january 16th
Brother, who do you see in the mirror?

Do you honestly recognize the man staring back?

Or do you see a shell of the man you know damn well you should be?

Do you feel like you have no control over your relationships, yourself, and life?

You aren’t where you want to be financially…

Your woman has lost attraction to you OR women don’t even notice you…

And you approach life each day so limp that not even Viagra could help.

You want to break free from this shell and grab life by the horns.

But instead?

Life has you by the horns.

Yet every damn day, you know you're capable of more.

You still feel that tingle of life in your balls, telling you that you can be the man –

Because you know that there’s a KING BURIED deep within you.

Before you continue chasing those high-value women or the respect of your woman, you have to look back in that same mirror and ask yourself:

Am I bringing that same high value to the table?
Discover the High-Value Man You Were Born to Be

It should be no secret to you that you're not here to be average or to play small.

And the very fact that you’re reading this means it’s time, brother.

It’s time to stop hiding from the world.

It’s time to stop playing pee-wee and start playing in the major leagues of your life.

And I want you to know that I stand with you and for you, ready to activate your masculine power.

Because when it comes to winning, you have to be the man you were born to be.

This means that to win with a woman, you’re the man who can disarm her defenses through the sheer power of your presence so that she desires to surrender to you.

This means that to win in life, you’re fully capable, competent, and confident.

You aren’t a man who desperately chases but instead you command respect and dominate life.

The man who doesn't live in his daydreams, but decisively acts and moves in the world.

You’re unyielding in your masculine frame and have finally become worthy of the highest respect, even beyond a woman’s and the world’s:

Your own.

It's in you and it's time to unleash it.
I would recommend Jake to anyone walking through life the same way I was, going with the flow, no real mission or direction, and having a lackluster love life.

I am married and 41 and I wish I had learned these things 20 years ago. So married guys…get involved in Jake’s work immediately! For the single guys, I have seen firsthand how attractive and sexy it is to women for a man to be healing and working on himself and how much better and happier a relationship is when the polarity is there, and a strong connection is made. Working with Jake helped me realize this, he helped me heal my masculine and feminine wounds.”

- Alex Moore

Your 3 Month Masculine Breakdown:

There will be a chance to be selected for live 1:1 breakthrough coaching with Jake at the end of each weekly call and a private slack group for accountability, homework and weekly challenges.***
Week 1: The Initiation + Foundation:
✔️ Embark on the path of self-mastery.

✔️ Forge physical strength, instill iron-clad discipline.

✔️ Prioritize peak health for relentless stamina.
Week 2 & 3: Develop Mental + Emotional Resilience
✔️ Sharpen mental tenacity for clear, powerful decisions.

✔️ Cultivate emotional resilience, mastering all relationships.
Week 4: Become A Financial Titan
✔️ Demolish financial barriers, and build your empire.

✔️ Strategies and tactics for uncompromised financial freedom.
Week 5 & 6: Primal Passion
✔️ Command your sexual energy and freedom.

✔️ Break chains, embrace unbridled sexual confidence with a woman like never before.
Week 7 & 8: Lead Like A King
✔️ Embody genuine leadership, becoming magnetic and assertive.

✔️ Make your mark as you’re respected and followed.
Week 9: Build Your Legacy
✔️ Carve out your mission, your indisputable WHY.

✔️ Leave behind more than just memories: craft a legacy.
Week 10: Assert Your Masculine Thrust
✔️ Crank up the intimacy and have it finally thrive.

✔️ Master techniques to channel your masculine force and command respect from a woman.
Week 11: Mastering Relationships
✔️ Repair damaged relationships .

✔️ Build unshakable bonds.
Week 12: The Full Integration
✔️ Fully integrate all you've learned to have the complete masculine frame.

✔️ Forge ahead with clarity, wielding power with purpose.
The line's drawn and on which side will you stand:

Settle or soar?

Squeak or roar?

The choice is yours.

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FAQs 👇

When are the calls?

Every session will be from 6pm - 7:30 pm EST Tuesdays beginning January 16th.

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Will we get access to the recordings?

Yes! We'll have the recordings uploaded to Teachable within 48 hours after each call.

What if my question isn't answered?

You're family to us! Email my support team, and we'll take care of you right away! [email protected]

Note: After 6 pm est, emails may be responded to at 9 am est the next day.
“Through Jake’s guidance and shared wisdom, a formidable presence has been embodied. In light of an ever-expanding awareness of the masculine/feminine energies. A greater understanding of polarity in its natural flow and how it is not something to be feared, yet embraced. With open arms, through a deep-rooted knowing found within. Supported by grounding oneself in integrity.

This man truly is a blessing to humanity.

- Andrew Coulter
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