5 Steps To Healing Your Masculine And Feminine Energies

I want to take a moment and thank you for being here. (Make sure you read all the way to the bottom because I have a gift for you.) Learning this information and embodying these sacred energies is life changing. Out of all of the healing work I have done, this has been some of the most transformational work I have learned and practiced. I am so passionate about sharing this, I’ve even created an entire online course, which teaches the principals and framework of masculine and feminine energies. I believe information is useless without embodiment.

Which means to carry the codes of wisdom within your body so it’s integrated into your being. It’s deeper than just the intellectual mind of understanding. It’s intertwined into the core of your being. Many people are trapped in their minds and have yet to connect to the deeper parts of their being through embodiment work.

Let’s first start out by giving a background on masculine and feminine energies. All human beings have both of these energies within them. It has nothing to do with your gender. When you have harmony between these energies, you feel balanced in life. It’s like the natural flow of a river and the riverbed holding the water. The flowing water represents the feminine and the supportive riverbed represents the masculine. When you don’t have harmony, your life can feel like an absolute disaster. It spills into all areas like a poison. For me personally my life was extremely imbalanced because I had repressed my feminine emotions and withheld all of my pain. I was taught that anything feminine meant I was “weak.” Did you have the same conditioning?

Most of our world has been forced to overuse their masculine energy. Constantly working, thinking, planning, supporting, leading and making decisions. This has created a lot of burnout within many people. Leaving them feeling drained and depleted. Even leading some people to potentially developing physical pain as a result of being too stiff and rigid from excess masculine energy in their body.

There is a great amount of shame around the feminine energy. Shame around having emotions, sexuality, vulnerability, trusting intuition, etc. People don’t feel safe in their feminine energy because the culture doesn’t support it. And most people are influenced by what the culture accepts and doesn’t accept.

During this time we are cultivating a harmonious balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. As this manifests, there will be destruction of the old belief systems and create energetic space for the new earth to be born.

Let’s now move into the 5 step process to healing your masculine and feminine energies. Let me just also say that this takes patience and practice. It’s just like growing a garden. It takes time to cultivate a healthy soil and vibrant flowers. It’s going to take time for you to heal the false programming and pain that has been imprinted upon you.

Get familiar with your energies

If you don’t understand how your masculine and feminine energies are manifesting in your body and life, how can you shift them? So this takes some education to bring in this wisdom to your life. -Masculine energy is your decision making, protective, supportive, leading, logical, problem solving, completing, giving, accomplishing, yang energy. This energy serves you in the sense of helping you be clear with your mission and being decisive. If you don’t feel safe, you will start to animate this energy because it is protecting you. This becomes problematic for most people when they don’t feel safe because of unresolved trauma in their body. So they are constantly locked in their masculinity to protect them and denying their feminine energy. -Feminine energy is your feeling, receptive, intuitive, sensational, gentle, vulnerable, emotional, expressive, creative, playful, yin energy. This energy serves you in the sense of being able to feel your human emotions and have access to your divine intuition. When you are cut off from your emotions, because you have shame around them, it’s very difficult to heal. Your feminine energy is your inner healer. A problem that you may experience when having too much feminine energy, is an extreme emotional imbalance. Your life may start spiraling out of control.

Heal your wounds

Once you start to understand your energies, you will need to start healing the wounds that block you from accessing the divine nature of these energies. -Feminine wounds manifest as being very flighty, scattered, complaining, comparing, repeating toxic relationships, codependency, worrying, people pleasing, possible pain on the left side of the body, shame, fear and guilt. The wounded feminine feels very unsafe within their body. It’s almost like a plane that takes flight and never comes back to earth to ground and refuel. The fuel for the feminine is feeling the essence of love through their body. Masculine wounds manifest as overworking, overthinking, forceful, aggressive, emotionally unavailable, numb, distracted from the present moment, ego driven, rigid, tense, possible pain in the right side of the body, constantly chasing the next high (sex, drugs, money, addictions) The wounded masculine tries to intimidate and dominate their way through life. This person will be aggressive and overpowering. The healing of the wounded masculine comes through the activation of your inner feminine emotional body to feel and heal the pain. I went through this journey and it takes full surrender to the divine feminine to be cleansed of your pain. It’s extremely uncomfortable and emotionally draining.

Learn your core energy

Most beings on earth have a core energy that they identify more with. This is especially important in romantic relationships. You will either feel more natural being in your masculine or more natural being in your feminine. This may take some time to get to know your core energy. You may already know yours based on what feels right to you if you have a strong understanding of these energies. There can be confusion created by societal demands that trick you into thinking a certain way. For example: a woman who is forced to constantly be in her masculine may think she has a core masculine but she may actually be denying her feminine essence. She may be carrying masculine wounds that block her feminine essence. A person with a feminine core will be more connected with their feelings, emotions, intuition, vibrant colors and all things love. A person with a masculine core will be more connected with freedom, purpose, the mission, logic, and leadership. Know your core in romantic relationship is very helpful because you know how you want to show up and what feels natural to you. For example if you are a masculine person, a feminine partner will be more complementing to your energy field. And this goes the same if you are a feminine person a masculine person will compliment your energy field. These energies help each other in the physical relationship between two people.

Understand polarity

We live in a universe of polarity. It’s a manifestation of yin/yang, masculine/feminine energies that electrically polarize and create life force. The same way each cell in your body is polarized by a positive and negative charge which gives you life force. If the polarity was to become neutral, the electrical charge would stop and the cells would die. In romantic relationships, when the sexual polarity fades, problems can arise quickly because your energy fields are clashing. Over a period of time being in the same energy can strip away sexual attraction from the relationship. —For example if you are both in your masculine energy, you will struggle with who the leader is in the relationship. It’s like having two head chefs in the kitchen lol. Both people will be trying to lead the relationship. This becomes a power struggle and a constant challenge of each other’s masculinity. This typically happens when there is lack of trust of masculine integrity in the relationship. —-If you are both in your feminine energy then you will both want your feelings to be cherished. You will be clashing emotionally. It’s less of a power struggle and more of an emotional struggle with feminine/feminine. No one is able to hold space in the relationship for the other person because both people are in their feelings. Sexual polarity may be the missing key for most romantic relationships. Most people don’t have a healthy relationship to their own inner masculine and feminine, so they will not have a healthy relationship in the physical form.

Practice embodiment

I want you to take a moment and think about what your relationship is with your feminine? What is your relationship with your masculine? If you are constantly repressing your feminine energy, how will you ever feel connected to this human experience? To the essence of love, joy and peace? If you are constantly repressing your masculine energy how will you ever feel grounded, supported and safe in your body? We normally repress the energy we have been wounded in the most. Sometimes this is both energies. Too much flow without any structure isn’t healthy. Too much structure without any flow isn’t healthy. It’s like having a cup of water. The outside of the cup is the container and support(masculine) and the water on the inside is the flow (feminine.) If the water becomes frozen you cannot drink it. If the cup breaks, the water goes everywhere. ——some simple embodiment for the feminine is flow, feeling, breathing, connecting with your body, dancing, creating and expressing yourself. The feminine is connected to the emotion and feeling of things. ——some simple embodiment of the masculine is grounding, stillness, making clear decisions, meditating, being present in the moment, having a clear mission and purpose. The masculine is connected to the present moment and purpose of things.

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5 Step Guide For Healing Your Masculine And Feminine Energies


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