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Souls Calling

Below are some of the areas that Jake specializes in...

Masculine/ Feminine Embodiment

Learn the differences between masculine and feminine energies. Understand how sexual polarity plays a crucial role in your relationships. Embody each of the energies through different exercises.

Setting Boundaries

Learn to set boundaries in a healthy way. We all need to be able to say "no" at times. Most of us fear upsetting other people because of the guilt we carry and inability to speak our truth. By learning to honor your space, other people will begin to show you more respect.

Inner Child Healing

Learn how to heal your inner child by giving them the love and support that they always needed. Merge with your childlike innocence, playfulness and joy once again. 

Healing Wounds and Trauma

Most of us carry energetic wounds from previous trauma and hard life experiences. By identifying those blocks, you can begin to remove what doesn't serve your highest good. We focus on cutting energetic cords through releasing and forgiveness.  


Learn how to breathe properly and in a way that creates more energy and can help reduce stress. Breathwork can help to bring up stored trauma in the body and activate the releasing of it. The breath is the first thing you are born with and the last thing you die with. Change your breath, change your emotions.

Guided Meditation

Experience dropping deep into group healing guided meditations to connect with your heart and soul. The power of meditation is in the stillness to be able to see how busy your mind is. Through meditation you can begin to quiet your mind.

jake's Story

Through his own pain, struggle and experiences of overcoming obesity, alcoholism, porn addiction, suicidal depression and many more challenges. Jake dove deep into his healing. Finding the answers of truth what could really help him get out of suffering.


He has spent over 5 years working with people to heal emotional pain, awaken love within their hearts and find their true life purpose.


He coaches people in a way that utilizes both their mind, heart and spirit. To fully embody the feeling of what it means to have a beautiful human experience and be a conscious human. 


He uses his intuitive gifts, sacred energy healing, and other healing tools he has learned along the way to create transformation fast and effective. He pierces through the veil of the ego and resistance to help get to the main blockages that are holding people back.

Most importantly Jake LOVES helping people at a deep emotional level. Where most people are unaware of or too afraid to go by themselves, He journeys through those depths with them. This is his life's mission.

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