January 9, 2020

8 Signs You Have Wounded Masculine Energy

Our culture glorifies masculine energy. (Building, doing, planning, strategizing, achieving) which are all great things. BUT with this, we have created an excess amount of masculine energy. Which has lead to an energetic imbalance within all of us. As a result, we have repressed our feminine energy (intuition, wisdom, love, compassion, expression) The radiant and beautiful feminine energy doesn’t have a safe container to SHINE.

What does this look like?

  • People think emotions=weakness
  • Expressing your emotions means your “crazy”
  • Mother Earth is being destroyed
  • People listen to what’s logical and not what intuitively feels right
  • People are disconnected from love

I work with so many women that say “I’m forced to be in my masculine all of the time, I just want to rest in my feminine!” I hear you my soul sisters... If you feel like you have imbalanced masculine or feminine energy what can you do?

For the feminine, embody your expression, emotions, practice feeling love flowing through your body, practice visualization, movement, dancing, singing, creating and trust your intuition!

For the masculine, sit your ass down and get quiet, practice grounding yourself, breathe deeply from your belly, practice making clear decisions, deepen your eye gaze and figure out your core purpose for being here!

Read the 8 signs below if you are carrying wounded masculine energy. 

You struggle to sit still.

Do you ever notice yourself very frigidity and always need to be doing something?  When you have wounded masculine energy you will not feel grounded. You will feel this sense of “nothing is ever enough.” Which could also have manifested from childhood traumas and root chakra blockages of not feeling safe, secure and fighting for survival. 

You speak loudly and aggressive.

Have you ever heard someone that just sounds angry when they speak? A person with imbalanced masculine energy doesn’t have much softness in them. When they speak, they appear to be very aggressive. It’s almost as if they are fighting people with their words. Inside secret: this was me most of my life. Sacred masculine energy is strong by gentle. Assertive in a loving way, not dominating or controlling. 

You get easily triggered or angry.

Have you ever felt like you’re on edge? You have a certain intensity to you, that even the smallest thing will push you over the edge. This is normally adopted through many years of always being in your masculine energy. You’ve become very intense and uptight as a result of it. 

You are an over-doer and always busy.

The masculine energy is giving and the feminine energy is receiving. If you have wounded masculine energy from past traumas, maybe from an abusive father energy, you’ll struggle to receive and always be over giving and over doing. When someone compliments you struggle to receive it and feel like you immediately need to give something back to them. You will also struggle to ask for help or support. You’ll have the attitude of “I can do this all on my own.”

You’re very serious and intense.

Have you ever seen a child make the “I need to poop face” they are very rigid and tight. People with wounded masculine energy will have an intense look to them. Almost like they need to go to the bathroom. 

You’re a chronic over thinker.

Because the masculine energy is identified more with logical thinking, you’ll have little connection with your heart. Most people fear their heart and hide out in their logical mind. It feels “safe” to them. It’s really just an illusion of the ego to think that you’re safe. Get out of your mind and drop down into your heart and soul.

Your body feels very tense and rigid.

Especially on the right side of your body (the masculine side) you will almost feel like you’re in a box. Because you are repressing the flow of your feminine energy. You may even feel physical pain on the right side of your body as a result of the masculine wounds.

You’re always planning for the past or future.

You’re never present. Which the masculine energy is present consciousness. But wounded masculine energy is always planning ahead and focusing on the past. Very rarely will you feel like you’re ever-present. A good test is to see how present you are during a conversation with another person. Or when you eat a meal, do you take time to enjoy it or are you thinking about what you have to do next?

I appreciate you taking the time to read through this and hope that it brought clarity and activated healing! We focus a lot on balancing and harmonizing masculine and feminine energies at my spiritual healing retreats.

Sending you infinite love and healing!

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